Welcome to Third Sector Community.

From Lochans to Langholm - Kirkconnel or Kirkbean this is your community. Your community for news, events, funding opportunities and more. 

Third Sector Community is a member only social media site powered by Ning. This is not Facebook - it is a dedicated site for people to connect around issues that affect the third sector and our communities.

Its up to you - be part of it, join in and get connected to people who are as passionate about the third sector as you.

Please note: Weekly Broadcasts may be in your spam folder.

Members are able to add their own news, funding opportunities, and events to this community site.

To add an article, click on the News, Funding Opportunities or Events heading.

You should then see a + sign near the top of the page. by clicking on the plus sign, you will be taken to a blank post where you can add files, images, text and other forms of media. 

Once you have added all the information you want, click on publish at the bottom of the screen.

We encourage all members who post to include an excerpt to their post to help others find specific items quickly.

Download our Guide to Posting here

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